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Mature content
Fetish Egg rp :iconbreenheart:breenheart 0 70
Ib GTS Roleplay
You've been trapped in the Gallery with no rose for what feels like years. Last time you had it was in the Purple Area, but a disturbing doll ran off with it. It went in a room that locked when the doll went into it. Immediately after that happened, you shrunk to only a centimeter tall. You eventually enter...
1. The Sketchbook
2. The Grey Area
3. The Brown Area
4. The Yellow Area
:iconbreenheart:breenheart 6 157
Custom vore rp
You can choose what you are as the prey and where you want to be eaten this rp. I choose and play as the predator.
1. No godmodding.
2. No killing the predator.
Have fun!
:iconbreenheart:breenheart 8 329
The Thing at a video game sleep over RP
You've been assimilated by the Thing from the movie named after it. You have unassimilated friends over, and they're all video game characters. You want to keep the fact that you've been assimilated a secret, so you decide to pick them off one by one when they're alone. Who do you assimilate first?
1. Conker (Conker's Bad Fur Day)
2. Phosaphora (Kid Icarus Uprising)
3. Demoman (Team Fortress 2)
4. Chell (Portal series)
5. Link (The Legend of Zelda series)
6. Peach (Super Mario Series)
7. Any video game character (You get to choose who it is!)
:iconbreenheart:breenheart 2 147
Literal clay shooting :iconbreenheart:breenheart 5 4 Koopa Bomb tested, Dark Samus approved! :iconbreenheart:breenheart 7 0 Shy Guy photobomb! :iconbreenheart:breenheart 3 0 Belive it or not, he nabbed ALL. :iconbreenheart:breenheart 2 0 Shrunk at a video game slumber party :iconbreenheart:breenheart 16 1,144
Super Smash Bros moveset meme
Here, you can put the movesets of characters from games, books, movies and tv shows in the comments. Here's mine of Princess Nehema from Eversion.
Side Smash: A swift headbutt
Up smash: A series of punches and kicks
Down smash: Summons ZeeTee on her left and an X-8 gem block on her right
B = Super Ball: She throws a homing ball of darkness at her opponent. Can be charged for more damage.
Side B = ZeeTee Charge: Summons ZeeTee in his X-8 form and he charges at the nearest opponent.
Up B = A Giant Hand!: The hand enemy from the original game grabs her and lifts her upwards. Can damage opponents when the move starts.
Down B = Gem Block: This is a counter attack and if an opponent hits her while she's doing this move, the opponent will be trapped in an X-1 gem block. Nehema can jump on the box to give the opponent a moderate amount of damage.
Final Smash = X-8: Nehema becomes her X-8 form and her attacks are much stronger. Under the affects of her final smash, she is invulnerable. The effe
:iconbreenheart:breenheart 2 4
Ummm..... :iconbreenheart:breenheart 4 2 Roy dosen't even see that bomb on his head :iconbreenheart:breenheart 3 0 Who falls into the abyss first? :iconbreenheart:breenheart 5 3


A Taste of the Wild Side COLOR :iconmugenkeiji:MugenKeiji 297 53
Mature content
Yellow fever 0381 :iconcruelroin:cruelroin 19 1
SCP-134(Stella) :iconqueen-of-summer:Queen-Of-Summer 10 0 Scp 91196 :iconcursedironfist7:cursedironfist7 9 5 Browser-tan :iconcioccolatodorima:Cioccolatodorima 14,612 1,306 Proud Father :iconcageyshick05:Cageyshick05 600 69 Reaper vs Vampire :icondantewontdie:DanteWontDie 2,907 103 Practice: Koakuma :icondantewontdie:DanteWontDie 4,726 124 Freeze Time :icondantewontdie:DanteWontDie 3,433 79 Raiko Horikawa :iconu-joe:U-Joe 54 21 Gijinka Pokemon- Porygon2 :iconsong64:Song64 36 3 Halloween fight 2012 - Slenderman Vs Pyramid Head :icondoctorzexxck:DoctorZexxck 921 173 Welcome to Silent Hill's Haunted Mansion? :iconthatonenpc:ThatOneNPC 289 112 Silent Hill Pokemon dump 1 :icondislakethep:dislakeThep 11 10 Do you see him :icongeekforever3:GEEKFOREVER3 1 0 Killer Is Dead Alice :iconarmachamcorp:ArmachamCorp 172 19



The title says it all.
The title says it all.



United States


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